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It’s true. Someone over at the company that makes penguins believed us when we said we could write English. And now you can read our English in this convenient cargo-pocket size tome. It’s got a selection of our favorite blog entries, and lots of new ones you can’t read here, which forces you to buy the paper version. See how that works? It’s also got pictures and graphs and shit.

Stevan Segal had this to say about it: “The secret is not to act, but to be.”

Thanks Steven!

People Who Deserve It makes a great gift for people who can read, people who can’t read, and people who don’t know what reading is. So buy one today!

Available at: Penguin, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, Borders, and soon, Urban Outfitters.



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Amendment: Shit.

fist-smallSincere apologies for the insensitive nature of the most recent, deleted post. We are on our annual trip to Bhutan and have left the office duties to our intern. Apparently, he’s a dick.

We hope you continue to read the regular (non-denominational) offensively inconsiderate posts.


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Uppercut update!

fist smallHallelujah! We finally have one of those blog roll thingies.  You’ll have to excuse us for being so 2003, when it comes to computers Sergey Brin’s asshole has more know-how than us.

Anyways…go ahead and visit the sites on our kaisher roll, and if you’re interested in swapping hits, either digitally or physically, we accept cash, credit or sexual favors.

Okay bye…

P.S. What’s the deal with the new host of Top Chef Masters? She looks like a bobble head sent to eat our young.  Bring back Padma!

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picture-5As the year comes to a close and we binge-drink our way into 2009, we’d like to take a moment to look back at the Top Ten People Who Deserved It in ’08:

#10 – Douche Who Wear Sunglasses Inside
#9 –  Jackass Who Farts in Elevator
#8 – Guy Who Shows Up As Big Vagina
#7 – Maryland House Rest Stop
#6 –  Mr. Denim Cock
#5 –  Slow Walker Sidewalk Blocker
#4 –  Self-Important Bluetooth Guy
#3 –  “Everything’s an Emergency” Girl
#2 – Bitch Who Talks on Cellphone at Holocaust Museum
#1 – Writers of blogs about punching people

Good tidings and a happy new year to all those who’ve ever read, heard of, or bashed our url.

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Giving Thanks…

turkeypunchIn the spirit of the holiday, we’re putting down our fists and picking up our utensils. But before we go stuff our face with 32 different types of starch. We thought we’d offer up a few things we’re thankful for:

1) The NYC subway – The greatest concentration of freaks anywhere in the world. Without you this blog might not exist.

2) Camera phones – When you need to capture “Neo-Nazi Radio Flyer” nothing works better than a 2 megapixel camera.

3) The World Wide Web – You complete us.

4) The readers – You’ve turned an angry, self-indulgent blog, into an angry, self-indulgent blog with an audience. Keep those comments coming.

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This just in…

Too lazy to type in our url? Well you’re in luck. Simply subscribe to People Who Deserve It by email (right menu bar) and the punches will come straight to you – digitally not physically, unless you deserve it.

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This just in…

Now you can recommend your own people who deserve it. Click on the “Suggest a Punch” tab above to make a contribution. Thank you and good luck

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